Video Production Company

Video advertising is one of the most popular forms of marketing today. While most people are glued to the screens on their phones, tablets or TVs, sometimes, videos are the only way to reach people to deliver a message.

Videos come in all shapes and sizes, with quick 30-second clips to longer, more engaging ‘hot-topic’ videos. The trick to draw everyone’s attention though, is to create a professional-looking, compelling video with a message that everyone understands.

If creating video content isn’t your forte, it’s a great idea to consider hiring a video production company to do the work for you.

Hiring a Video Production Company Can Save You Time

Creating a professional looking ad with all the right lighting, exciting content and scripting and getting the best actors to pull in your audience takes a lot of time – even more so if you’re new to this.

Video production is a skill, especially if you intend to convert people to make a purchase or to follow your brand on social media. For this reason, hiring a video production company is your best option.

They already have all of the in-house expertise to get your project rolling. You’ll just have a few meetings to discuss your business model, the intention of your planned video and your branding. Then you’ll receive a beautifully constructed and professional looking video which builds trust in your brand and reaches out to grab your audience.

All this with minimal time commitments from you, saving you all those weeks of planning, designing and creating.

Hire a Video Production Company to Save Your Company Money

While hiring a video production company comes with an upfront cost, it can actually be cheaper than trying to create your own video.

  1. You and your existing employees may not have the experience or expertise to create a professional video which does the job. You could create a video from scratch, costing you a money, which actually doesn’t hit the mark. Then you’ll need to start again, costing you more money to do the job right. It’s rare that any business will have the spare marketing budget to be continuously learning from these mistakes.
  2. A video production company will already have the right equipment to make an amazing video. Your business will likely need to purchase or hire brand-new equipment that’s of a standard which will make your video look amazing. Hiring a video production company means that all that equipment comes as part of the package, saving you money on items that you’re unlikely to use more than a few times per year.
  3. If you’re planning to create videos in-house, you might find that you need to recruit a specialist. This not only takes time in recruitment, but you’ll need to spend money advertising and then paying an extra salary from your marketing budget.

Creating a Professional Video Will Ensure You Stay on Trend

As much as you try to stay on track with what’s going on outside your business, you may not have the time to research what’s on-trend and what’s not. Because society changes so often, it’s difficult to stay ahead of the game in regard to what will work from an advertising perspective and what won’t.

But because a video production company will be up to speed with what works already. They’ll be working with many different companies simultaneously; so you’ll be guaranteed to get an advertising video which works for your target audience based on their current interests.

A Video Production Company Will Have the Latest Equipment & Best Expertise

You could go all-out and buy brand new equipment for your video to make it look perfectly professional. However, getting top-of-the-range lighting, sound and recording equipment is likely to cost a lot of money, which could be wasted if you don’t really understand how to use it, or if you’re only planning to use it a couple of times per year.

Hiring a video production company means that you’re also hiring out their equipment and the specific people who are trained experts at using it to get the best effects. Because this is their bread and butter, they’re guaranteed to have the best equipment that money can buy and you can use that on your video. It will create amazing production value for a fraction of the cost of buying your own.

Video Production Needs a Confident Storyteller

Video production companies bring more than just the equipment and filming knowledge to the table. They also provide fantastic storytellers to bring your video to life and reach out to your audience.

They will help to create a compelling storyboard for your advert and work with you on scripts to pass along all the information in a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic manner that’s in-keeping with your brand image.

If your company doesn’t have a go-to person that’s happy to represent the company externally, then a video production company will provide a bright, bubbly and extraverted individual to put the best stamp on your brand and bring the customers rolling in.


If your brand needs a boost and you’ve decided video content is the best option – good choice! – Then it’s a great idea to work with a video production company.

Ornate Media provide fabulous commercial videos to advertise products or events and work with you to reach your target audience by using your brand image, the interests of your customers and state-of-the-art equipment. Creating a professional video to showcase your services has never been easier. Scrap the stress, research and hassle and deliver a fantastic video using a professional video production company.