Benefits of Having a Promotional Video for Your Restaurant

Advertising is important to all types of business. It’s essential that the people that may be interested in what you have to offer are able to find your company and spend their money.

Poor marketing strategies and lack of market research means that a company is less likely to reach their target audience, meaning their profits will be affected.

One of the biggest things that any company needs to consider is HOW to reach their audience. Today, more and more people are becoming glued to their screens, whether this be on the TV, tablet or phone. For this reason, many flourishing businesses are opting to create promotional video advertisements to reach out to their audience.

A Restaurant Video Helps to Boost Your Brand

Restaurants are very unique in what they have to offer. Each restaurant will serve a different type of food, with varied dishes and will use different décor to create a brand image. A promo video is a great way to display your brand to your potential customers. You can display some of your most popular dishes in the flesh and also show off your amazing customer service and extra touches. This is particularly beneficial if you happen to have a themed restaurant, as you can pull people into the action, even before they’ve set foot on your premises.

A Promotional Video Catches the Audience’s Attention

As most people view advertisements on their mobile devices, you’re more likely to capture the attention of your target audience while they’re out and about. This also doesn’t limit the reach of your audience. If you’re a chain restaurant, there might be different premises all over the country, or even worldwide. If that’s the case, you don’t want to limit the reach of your ad to the immediate area, so leaflets and posters might not be the way to go.

A Promo Video Will Reach a Wider Audience

Producing a restaurant video will help you to reach people all over the world as they access the TV or social media platforms. This means that you can attract people into multiple restaurants simultaneously, making the most of your advertising budget.

Reach Your Target Audience

Programmatic advertising is a method of using promotional videos and finding your target audience based on location data and search history data. You can select your exact target audience from a platform and show your ad to those specific people.

This helps you to reach the specific people that you know will be interested – for example, those people who have previously searched for Chinese restaurants – and push it out to just those people.

When accessing the locations, you could also only show the advert to people in the immediate vicinity, meaning you capture visitors to the area too, and only those relevant that might want to visit your restaurant. This allows you to cut costs.

A Promo Video Will Help Boost Your SEO

If you display your promo video online, then it can also help drive your customers to your website. Videos are one of the most popular advertisement methods out there. Short videos in particular are a great way to attract attention.

Perhaps you could film one of your chef’s making your most popular dish for viewers on TikTok. This advertises your restaurant without the audience even being aware that it’s a marketing video.

The best thing is, all these videos contain backlinks, which create a customer journey, directing people back to your website.

If you make online table reservations, then this is a simple way to boost your bookings.

Promo Videos Last Longer

While leaflets and posters serve a purpose, they don’t last very long. Posters outside can be weather damaged, meaning they look unprofessional and stop catching the eye of your potential customers very quickly.

Leaflets and menu cards are great to begin with, but if you change your menu, you’ll have to have the whole lot printed again, cost even more money.

A video can last a lifetime. If you choose to use a video production company to help you produce your restaurant video, they will always have these files to hand, so if something does change, you can make edits and won’t need to do the whole thing from scratch.

If you choose to display your promotional video on a digital billboard, you can also be confident that the weather won’t have any effect on the message you’re trying to deliver.

A Promo Video Feels More Professional

Most customers will feel that your brand is more trustworthy if you use a video to advertise. In fact, 76% of adults agree that they would be more likely to purchase something based on a video ad in comparison to a poster or leaflet.

It’s important that you get your customers to buy-in to your brand and develop that trust. If you’re not confident to create your first restaurant video, then it’s a good idea to employ a professional video production company.

They will already have the right lighting and editing equipment to make your video look the part and they can even provide actors for you to follow your script, showing a confident and well-run restaurant to present to the rest of the world.

Promotional Videos Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

Overall, promotional videos, especially professional looking video created by a video production company, will help you to boost your conversion rate.

The conversation rate is the total number of people that actually came to eat at your restaurant divided by the total number of people who saw your advertisement.

Because video ads can be played numerous times, have music and can display the very essence of your brand, potential customers are more likely to remember your establishment even after they’ve seen the advert.

This means that, even if the customer doesn’t have time to book a table at the time they see your advert, they’re much more likely to do it later when they do have more time. Other advertising methods don’t have this positive affect, meaning that once a leaflet is in the bin, it’s gone – out of sight, out of mind.

If you own a restaurant and you’re looking to freshen up your marketing strategy, then think about hiring a video production company to help you create restaurant video magic.

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