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1 Through establishing long lasting and trusted relationships, we seek to fully understand the heart of yourbrand orbusiness.

2 There is no better way to do this than through strong communication. We invest time and effort to truly create these bonds.

3 In doing so, you receive not just a video but also a powerful enduring relationship. It is this relationship which allows us to create a memorable visual version of what is at the heart of your business or brand.


Ornate Videos is a video production company and we specialise in memories. We seek to inspire imaginations, allowing audiences to feel fully immersed in the journey they are on when watching our videos.

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There is mutual respect between all of our team, each member brings a unique perspective and set of skills. It is our uniqueness that sets us apart and this, we celebrate.

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Given the immense experience and creativity we possess, we constantly seek to use initiative. We push today’s boundaries and pioneer tomorrow’s trends so that our clients are always leading in their fields.

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To maintain excellence, we must constantly seek to develop both personally and professionally. We value the development of our team, our company and the businesses and brands with whom we work.

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Our ambition reaches far beyond that of our own individual goals. We are equally as ambitious for our clients, our company and ourselves.

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Every member of our team knows their objectives and holds themselves to account to achieve these at their highest standard.

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Our videos communicate to an audience and for that to happen we mastered the art of communications ourselves. We pride ourselves on our client communication.

“Could not be more impressed”

We could not be more impressed with Ornate Videos. They were very responsive and worked quickly to get our promo video completed. They did an outstanding job! I highly recommend them!

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Through creating an efficient production process, we are able to get your video to you in less time and at a lower cost. These processes also ensure that we capture exactly what your message needs to be.

Check out how we achieve this below and if you have any questions, please just get in touch.

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1. Listen

Our pride is in our ability to listen and understand the needs of those we work with. We will set up a call to hear exactly what you need.

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2. Audience Evaluation

We next get to work on understanding who your video needs to resonate with and the message they need to hear.

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3. Plan

Armed with who we are talking to and your message, we plan exactly how we intend to say it, planning the tone, the location, models etc.

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4. Consolidation

Now we bring together everyone involved and issue responsibilities and objectives. We provide the vision then offer the freedom of creativity to produce.

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5. Create & Deliver

Here the filming happens, followed by editing, final assembly & delivery. Maintaining communication, we provide opportunities for you to offer feedback throughout.

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6. Ongoing Evaluation

With relationships at the forefront of our work, we will evaluate the success of your video and monitor the trends in your sector to ensure you are always leading in your field.


“Starting Ornate Videos has been one of my favourite things I have achieved in my life. Being able to couple my passion with creativity to produce something memorable that can help build businesses and brands- well it doesn’t get much better than that.”



“Could not be more impressed”

We could not be more impressed with Ornate Media. They were very responsive and worked quickly to get our promo video completed. They did an outstanding job! I highly recommend them!

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“Beyond my expectations”

The video produced for my business was BEYOND my expectations. Working around the clock, I had my order done TWO days before I was even expecting it. 100% is worth the money and 12/10 will use Ornate again. Don't hesitate to use their service.

Rebecca Jean
Purpose Peak

“I loved working with them”

I trusted Ornate Media with a most special project and we worked very close together to make sure the outcome was just right. I loved working with them and their vision for the project. I will certainly work with them again.

Adam Cohen
S’More Dating App



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